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That’s the number of paying spectators at yesterday’s Regionalliga Nord match 1. FC Magdeburg vs Union Berlin.
They saw one of the worst performances by the Magdeburg team, a catastrophic first half full of simple mistakes on both sides and a nil-all at halftime. This didn’t stop the atmosphere being one of the best yet in Magdeburg’s new stadium.
Apparently Dirk Heyne, Magdeburg’s manager, had told his team quite precisely what his opinion of their first half perfomance was, and so they came out of the break with renewed determination, with their first attack leading right to a corner kick.
Nothing came off it though, and then it was Berlin’s Nico Patschinski who crossed the ball into the penalty area from a freekick, where it found the head of Berlin’s 6’3 defender Daniel Schulz who had no problems at all with scoring.
In the next few minutes it did not at all look as if Magdeburg would be able to turn this result around, when Kais Manai fired a volley shot towards Union’s goal. Schulz‘ deflection made a save impossible and so Magdeburg equalised. Afterwards the hosts were frequently dangerous on counter-attacks through their fast forwards Kotuljac and Kullmann, and on one of those it was once again Daniel Schulz who could only stop Kotuljac with a foul – as he had already seen a yellow card, the ref had no choice but to send him off.
Now Magdeburg were the better team and the tide turned entirely in their favor. Only 6 minutes after the lead, Christopher Kullmann ended his dry spell with a wonderful header to make it 2-1 for Magdeburg.
With Union now attacking with a do or die mentality there was a lot of room for counter-attacks, but the fans had to wait until the 85th before Kukulies scored the third goal after a wonderful pass from Kotuljac.

The Facts:
1. FC Magdeburg 3 – 1 1. FC Union Berlin
50′ Daniel Schulz 0-1
63′ Manai 1-1
66′ Schulz 2nd Yellow
69′ Kullmann 2-1
85′ Kukulies 3-1

Att: 18,366

31 down, 5 to go

Only 5 matches remain in the Regionalliga Nord season, and since yesterday, 1. FC Magdeburg are once more on a promotion spot. Should Osnabrück win their match today, they would move past FCM, but that doesn’t matter, as they have the tougher program remaining.
Euphoria in Magdeburg is high, for evidence let’s look at attendance numbers.
In the last two home matches, 18,700 people came to see the reserves (!) of Dortmund and Bremen. For the next home match against Union Berlin more than 6,000 tickets have been sold already. Yesterday, Magdeburg’s team was accompanied by about 2,000 fans, making the away game at Hertha BSC’s reserves into a home match – 2,409 spectators overall, 2,000 of them from Magdeburg.

Just a friendly reminder, until December Magdeburg averaged under 4,000 spectators a match…

And apparently, there is some respect to be gained from creating huge away crowds – this video was create at the Hertha – FCM match…

Hertha U23-FCM – MyVideo

Saxony-Anhalt Cup

For the first time in the history of the Saxony-Anhalt Cup there will be a Magdeburg only final.
On Saturday, MSV Preußen had beaten Wolfen by a goal from Hannemann (formerly at 1. FC Magdeburg). On Easter Monday the second semifinal saw the match between 4th tier side Germania Halberstadt and 1. FC Magdeburg’s Reserves go into extra time as neither team managed to score. While Halberstadt were in general the team that had more plan to their attack, Magdeburg’s Danny Kukulies put the ball into the net with four minutes remaining on the clock.
While the referee from Halle had blown for half time, full time and half time of the extra time right on time without adding a second of injury time, he let play continue for two minutes beyond regular extra time – and blew for a penalty for Halberstadt with about 15 seconds left on the clock. Former Magdeburg player Banser scored against Daniel Rothe, putting the decision off to penalties.

In the penalty shoot-out Magdeburg’s Kauffmann, 3rd taker, saw his weak attempt saved by Halberstadt’s Kischel, but an advantage for Germania it was not: Stefke’s shot hit the post. In the end, Daniel Rothe saved a shot from 19 year-old Tobias Werner, putting Magdeburg’s Reserves through to the final.

If Magdeburg win the final, they will be eligible to play in the German Cup next season, creating additional income for the club. Unless the first team qualifies via the league, by becoming 2nd in the Regionalliga, they will replace the Reserve in the Cup. If the first team qualifies, both teams will take part in the Cup. Of course, FCM Reserves will have to beat Preussen first – but the odds are good, as 1. FC Magdeburg have only lost one out of their 16 finals ever, including youth, national and international finals.

The facts:
1. FC Magdeburg II – Germania Halberstadt 7-6 after penalties
1-0 Kukulies (115′)
1-1 Banser (120′) (pen)

Attendance 1,327

27th matchday Regionalliga Nord

1. FC Magdeburg 1 – 0 Dynamo Dresden

Facts: 82′ Habryka
Attendance 20,011

Yay us!

FCM vs Ahlen

I’m lost for words at this one. If I really went into a description of what I witnessed during this game today, it’ll be the rantiest rant I ever wrote. So I’ll put that off ‚til tomorrow.

Mission of the Month: Decide what language to write in.

Freud und Leid

Heute lagen Freud und Leid mal wieder recht dicht beieinander – wenn auch geografisch getrennt.
Im heutigen Achtelfinale des Sachsen-Anhalt-Pokals trat der 1. FC Magdeburg in Wolfen, und die Reserve des 1. FCM in Magdeburg gegen den Verein aus der verbotenen Stadt an. Die Regionalligatruppe war auswärts mal wieder zu blöd, ein Tor zu schießen, und verlor das Spiel mit 0-1.
Die Reserve dagegen, 2 Klassen unter dem momentanen Tabellenführer aus der Saalestadt spielend, ließ diesem im gesamten Spiel kaum eine Chance, sondern spielte im Gegenteil sogar überraschend gut mit. Der Klassenunterschied machte sich nur in der Torquote bemerkbar: Der Oberligist mit einem Tor aus 3 Chancen im gesamten Spiel, die Reserve des FCM nach gut 6, 7 Möglichkeiten mit dem Ausgleich.
In der Verlängerung war das Spiel recht ausgeglichen, wobei der FCM wieder die zwingenderen Möglichkeiten hatte. Schlussendlich musste aber das Elfmeterschießen die Entscheidung bringen – und da trumpfte der FCM groß auf: Christian Beer, von der Ersten an die Zweite „ausgeliehen“ hielt die ersten 2 Elfmeter, der dritte Schütze der Gäste aus „Merseburg-Nord“ ;)zielte zu genau und traf den Pfosten. Da aber auch nur 2 der ersten vier FCM-Schützen trafen, durfte der fünfte Schütze des Gastes auch nochmal antreten – doch Beer hielt auch diesen Strafstoß und so zumindest die zweite Mannschaft des Regionalligisten aus Sachsen-Anhalt im Wettbewerb.