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Guests of Honor

Yesterday, 1. FC Magdebug played the second of their test matches during their training camp in Poland. This second match was the reason the club spent a week in Poland at all. Polish club Hutnik Kraków celebrates its 60-year anniversary this year and had wanted a match against attractive opposition. When other clubs go to top tier teams from all over Europe, Hutnik fans wanted to play 1. FC Magdeburg. For some time now, there have been contacts between ultra groups of both sides which ultimately led to Hutnik asking the Magdeburg management about the match via its ultras.
A number of Magdeburg fans traveled to Poland for the match, and from the looks of it had a great time. What was special about the match is the use of pyrotechnics in large quantities (but apparently in a controlled way). In Germany, both clubs would have had much to fear in terms of punishment by the FA, because pyrotechnics are so very dangerous, but in Poland things are different. Take a look:

Selling out instead of shelling out

I might have mentioned some degree of incompetence and inability to understand what’s what on the side of the youth department at 1. FC Magdeburg before. Last time I talked about this, seven players of the successful Under-19 had left despite being young enough to add another season, this time in the top flight at that age, the Under-19 Bundesliga. I added that I wasn’t holding my breath with regard to the management’s ability to secure the services of Daniel Ujazdowski, last season’s U-19 top scorer, for another year or two.
Today, I was proved right. According to youth department chief Carsten Müller, the club could „only go so far“ with regard to a contract offer. Ujazdowski was offered a „perspective in the Under-23 side“, but apparently the offer was not good enough. Naturally, the exact nature of the offer is unknown, but Ujazdowski’s mentor (and former FCM star) Wolfgang Seguin is quoted as saying that „Daniel can only play football, and the club’s offer was really beneath contempt“. [Source]
Assuming that the player was not unreasonable in his demands, it should have been possible to keep him at the club, but instead another talented youth is let go in the desire to save money. But the longterm goal of the club cannot be to be the only Regionalliga side that makes a steady profit – the goal must be promotion and securing a position in the the top 50 of German football (finishing 14th in the 3rd Liga would do that). This will hardly be possible, if the top youth players leave the club year after year. At some point the management has to learn that it is not enough to provide a perspective with regard to the sporting side of things, but that you have to provide for the financial needs of the players – and for their post-football future, by getting them apprenticeship positions for example.

Until then, everything done in forming young talented players will be in vain, as the majority will continue to leave the club once they finish school at the nearby sport schools.

Neulich bei Facebook

Wer Facebook kennt, kennt auch die Empfehlungen auf der Startseite, wo der gemeine Nutzer (das bin ich) Seiten und Leute angezeigt bekommt, die ihn interessieren könnten.
Dass das dann aber gleich in solche Gewissensfragen ausarten muss wie heute morgen…ich weiß ja nicht.

Gott sei Dank sind wir ja nicht bei Herzblatt und man muss sich nicht für eins von beiden entscheiden.

Home premiere

After two more test matches in Schönebeck (6–0) and in Brandenburg (3–1), the new team was presented to the home fans on Friday. Opponent was Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg, but to be honest, it might have been better to play an opposition who actually had any intention of putting up a fight.
In front of about 3,000 spectators, 1. FC Magdeburg dominated the first half and should have scored at least three times, but a combination of good saves and ineptness prevented that. Wolfsburg did not really produce anything, despite having Bundesliga topscorer Edin Dzeko with them.
After the break things changed a bit, Magdeburg scored off a corner, when a deflected ball reached Maik Georgi (who miraculously has convinced yet another manager of his value). However, Wolfsburg struck back immediately, when Magdeburg cleared a corner into the center and the Wolfsburg player who conveniently stood there fired a shot in from 20 yards.
Magdeburg still should have won the game as Wolfsburg did not change their passive attitude, but Eddy Vorm’s 35-yard lob missed the goal by two feet.
In all the spectators saw a performance that offers some hope for the new season, as the team produced some good passing display and did create danger up front. All of this must of course be seen in the context of ongoing pre-season training and the fact that these players mainly have met for the first time only two weeks ago – there should be improvement until the first Regionalliga match in Lübeck.

In other news, Magdeburg have a new shirt sponsor who apparently pays between 300k and 500k euros per season in the next two seasons. The old shirt sponsor also stays with the club as sponsor, ony „slightly reducing“ their commitment.

Future? What future?

In the last post, I casually mentioned that the Under-19 squad of 1. FC Magdeburg won promotion to the A-Jugend-Bundesliga, the top flight for teams of that age group. As usual in the youth teams, there is a more or less high degree of fluctuation, as players naturally age.
It is therefore especially annoying when a player leaves who can still play in the side for another year. In the case of the FCM U19 squad, ten players have left at then end of the season, seven of which could still have played in U19 for another year. Three of those players, including the captain, leave for RB Leipzig, the German „project“ of Austria’s Red Bull company, the modus operandi of which is well-known: Money, money, money, and everything must happen quickly. In the case of these three players, maybe one must be lenient with FCM management, seeing as how they just cannot compete with the amounts of cash RBL has available. But when six players leave without having a new club or to fellow Bundesliga side Carl Zeiss Jena who do not exactly possess mountains of cash, the question as to the cause of this exodus must be raised.
Another player has already told the club he is leaving, but the youth center manager claims there is still a chance for his staying. Don’t hold your breath.
It is not understandable how the management expect to save the squad from relegation, if they let go such a large number of players. On the other hand, this fits in well with the incompetence that you get used to when following 1. FC Magdeburg.

In other news, the senior squad won a first test yesterday, beating Askania Ballenstedt, an eighth-tier side, 15-0.

Liebe Volksstimme

Es ist wirklich freundlich von euch, auf eurer Titelseite heute noch einmal, den WM-Modus zu erklären. „Wenn wir heute siegen, dann sind wir im Finale“ heißt es dort.
Ein Meisterwerk. Aber, liebe Volksstimme, warum erst jetzt? Schon zum Gruppenspiel gegen Australien hätte man mit dieser Maßnahme zur Volksbildung beginnen müssen, zum Beispiel „Wenn wir heute siegen, dann haben wir drei Punkte“. Vielleicht bieten sich auch grundsätzlichere Themen für diesen offenbar neuen Zeitungsbereich Volksbildung an – „Abseits ist, wenn der Schiedsrichter pfeift“, oder im Hinblick auf die Beschwerden über den WM-Ball „Der Ball ist rund“.

Aber natürlich lässt sich das auch in anderen Bereichen anwenden. „Wenn der Beitrag steigt, wird die Krankenversicherung teurer“ oder „Wenn Wulff gewählt wird, wird er Bundespräsident“ bieten sich im Bereich der Politik an. Im Bereich Wissenschaft bettelt „Wenn die Sonne untergeht, wird es Nacht“ geradezu um Aufmerksamkeit.

Für den Bereich Journalismus kann man ja immer noch „Wenn der Redakteur keine Lust hat, hat er keine Lust“ benutzen.

Some new season, same old league

The things we do for love…like spending half an hour to get to the stadium to attend the press presentation of the new 1. FC Magdeburg senior squad – despite temperatures way beyond anything that can be called comfortable.
But after last years fiasco, the club took the path of complete reconstruction, letting go 14 players while signing 12 new ones. Among the victims of this change were also Magdeburg veterans, such as Marcel Probst who had been at the club since 2002. Others, like Christian Prest, took the opportunity and retired from competitive football.
This is the new Magdeburg squad:

No. Position Player
1 GK Matthias Tischer
2 DF Rainer Müller
3 DF Sebastian Sumelka
4 DF Daniel Halke
5 DF Philipp Saalbach
6 DF Tobias Becker
7 MF Denis Wolf
8 MF Manuel Stiefel
9 FW Marko Verki?
10 FW Marvin Wijks
11 FW Guilherme dos Santos
12 GK Christian Beer
13 MF Moritz Instenberg
14 FW Maik Georgi
15 MF Tobias Scharlau
18 MF Tim Girke
19 MF Stephan Neumann
20 MF Daniel Bauer (Captain)
21 FW Eddy Vorm
22 FW Patrick Bartsch
23 DF Tobias Friebertshäuser
30 GK Franko Flückinger

Of particular interest are Wijks and Vorm, both of which have already played in the Dutch Eredivisie, even if only for a low number of minutes. The squad that the new manager and managing director have assembled is comparatively young, with Christian Beer the oldest player at 29 (Beer has ruptured his cruciate and will be out of action for the first half of the season) and fellow goalkeeper Franko Flückiger (4 caps for the national Under-19 team) the youngest at 19. As of July 1, the squad has an average age of only 23,2 years and is one of the youngest teams to represent the club.
It remains to be seen how they fare in the league, manager Kaiser has until 6 August to form a team from these 22 players.

In other news, the Under-23 team has won promotion to the fifth-tier Oberliga Süd, allowing the players to gather experience in a more competitive environment than before. The Under-19 team won promotion to the top-flight Under-19 Bundesliga. Both teams will be fighting relegation.
The senior team will be given no precise task in terms of a position to finish in, instead the team is expected to improve over the whole season. Here’s hoping that this works well and the fans reward that, too.

P.S. To signify a new start, I have changed the looks of the place. Hopefully I can changed the general tone of the posts too.