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Neue Kategorie

In der neuen Kategorie „Blast from the Past“ werde ich – in loser Folge – Texte veröffentlichen, die ich früher™ geschrieben habe. Dabei wird es sich zumeist um Prosa handeln, die im Rahmen von Seminaren entstanden ist. Dies wird auch die einzige Kategorie sein, in der englischsprachige Texte erscheinen.

The Appointment

Miriam Jones woke from a daze. The phone had rung. Or had it? Did she know a Paulette Jones? Her mother. Of course she knew her mother. That explains it. It had been a dream. She had dreamt of this and confused it with reality. Again.

Getting up from the bed, she found a note. „Saturday. 7 p.m. Holborn tube. Meet Paulette.“

It couldn’t be! There was no other Paulette. No other than her mother. Yet… She walked into the kitchen, got a plate from the sink. What was that smell? She started to do the dishes again. Suddenly she dropped the plate she was holding as she remembered how she’d thrown up into the sink the day before.

That call had her all worked up. She remembered very clearly now. Her daughter Paulette had called. Whom she had given up for adoption right after birth.

Had she really made an appointment to meet this woman? And was that today? She checked the note. Saturday it was. Today. It had already gotten dark outside, she glanced at her watch. 6.
She went for the door, grabbing her coat and putting it on. She stepped outside and hesitated. Was she really ready for this? Did she want to do this? She rushed back to the living room. One. Two. Three. Four would maybe do the trick. After the fifth sip she went out on the street, dazed.

Out on the street, she followed the direction her feet were taking anyway, walking slowly, as if she was deep in thought about something. She walked down the stairs and had a seat.
One. Two. Three. Four. Seven? Eight? A bell rang. „Last orders please!“
11, she thought. 11 p.m.

Crisis has come to Magdeburg

With Magdeburg as of yesterday having the third-worst start of the decade, the time has come to take a long hard look at the club in general, including management and the whole shebang.


Ich war gestern Inglorious Basterds gucken. Nun wollte ich eigentlich einen kleinen Review schreiben, aber nach dem heutigen Tag habe ich dazu schlicht keine Lust mehr. Daher muss das hier jetzt reichen: I thought it was great. Go see for yourself.

Vorsicht, Studenten werfen mit Kot

Ich war ja das erste Mal schon zu Schulzeiten in der Uni-Bibliothek. Das heißt, eigentlich nur in der Abteilung FGSE, früher™ war das ja noch getrennt. Auch heute gibt es noch Führungen für Schulklassen beziehungsweise Demnächst-Studium-Anfanger, aber erst jetzt ist mir so richtig klar geworden, was man als Student so denkt, wenn eine solche Führung an einem vorbeizieht. Der Ablauf ist etwa so.

1. Ruhe, verdammich. Kann man das nicht draußen erklären? Oder im Internet.
2. Vorsicht, Studenten werfen mit Kot.
3. Das ist ein Buch. *zeig* Und so benutzt man es *aufklapp*

Was man wohl als Schüler denkt, wenn man während einer solchen Führung den Lesesaal betritt, in Zweierreihen, aber immerhin schon ohne anfassen, und die Studenten anfangen zu grinsen und teilweise loszuprusten?

The season has only just started

But you wouldn’t know that from reading FCM-related boards. Two draws from the first two matches of the new Regionalliga Nord season were enough to trigger the „this season’s over, we’ll never get promoted this way, sack the manager“ gene in a lot of people.

Looking at it a tad more rationally, nothing’s lost yet — obviously.
In Lübeck, Magdeburg took the lead with 15 minutes to go, despite being a man down, but 7 minutes before the final whistle, Lübeck equalised with a 45-yard screamer. No way any goalie would have saved that one. Hence, despite playing badly for most of the 90 minutes yet still dominating the match in terms of shots on goal, Magdeburg came away with just one point. That is exactly one more point than the team won in Lübeck in the past season, but two points less than the team had after the first matchday in the last season.

Last Friday then saw the home debut of the reformed team against the reserve team of Bundesliga side Hamburger SV. The first half, admittedly, was abysmal. Three major and one possible minor issue prevented a better performance.
First and foremost, there were only ten players in the pitch for most of the time, because Catalin Racanel was mentally absent for large parts of the first 45. Secondly, Baumgart had started with a so-called double-six, that is, two defensive midfielders, both of which stood too deep, creating a huge hole in central midfield. Which brings us to issue number three: Tüting who was supposed to play behind the only true forward Vujanovic, moved to a parallel position with him too quickly when Magdeburg gained possession, robbing his teammates of a pass option, so that the only way was to play using the wingers Watzka and Racanel…well, Watzka. This could have worked but for the minor issue I mentioned above, namely the wingbacks not moving forward quickly enough. Hence Watzka would have to face to opposing players on his own, a venture that could not possibly have any successful outcome.
For the second half, manager Baumgart took off Racanel and replaced him with a second forward, Siga. This meant that Tüting left the central position and moved to the left flank, with the team now playing a 4-2-2-2. The change – and most likely a very harsh appeal to the players – led to a dominant performance in the second half with Magdeburg generating scoring chance after scoring chance, Siga missing the most obvious when he kicked the ball past the goal from about four yards. In the end, Magdeburg were unlucky to draw as Hamburg had a mere two true opportunities, both of which were foiled by Magdeburg goalie Tischer.
Naturally, the level of contentness is limited, but especially the second half provided a glimpse of hope for the remaining season.
In other news, Denis Wolf will be out for another 6 weeks after undergoing knee surgery for a ligament issue. Magdeburg’s sporting director Michael Richter has declared the club will sign another forward.

Liebe FDP-Bundestagsfraktion

Meint ihr nicht, dass die Prioritäten hier ein wenig…daneben sind?

Ganz davon abgesehen, dass eine Ausreise aus der Prager Botschaft mit Reisefreiheit ungefähr so viel zu tun hat wie eine V2 mit einer Saturn V (es gibt einen Zusammenhang…irgendwie), hat doch hauptsächlich die Bevölkerung der DDR den Weg zur Überwindung der deutschen Teilung geebnet.