Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2008

Time keeps on running and the games keep coming

I still don’t have much more time than a few weeks ago, so updating this close to therespective matches still is difficult. Therefore, a double update today.

First off, on Saturday, October 18th, Magdeburgg disappointed everyone yet again. In the home match against VFC Plauen the team only managed a nil-all draw. This Plauen team was one of the more harmless opponents that have trod the pitch at Stadion Magdeburg, only beat in that respect by Hertha’s reserves. Plauen were yet another team who were glad to come out with a draw in Stadion Magdeburg, having a line-up with just one forward, as part of a most defensive 5-4-1 tactic.
Magdeburg again suffered in the midfield, unable to get the ball through to their forwards, and when the passes found a receiver up front, the forwards wasted their chance. In all, the draw was most deserved, but of course a disappointment in the light of Magdeburg’s ambition.

1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Bankert, Wejsfelt, Rosin, Zander (52′ Neumann)- Dragusha (61′ Reimann), Gewelke, Racanel (73′ Matthias), Watzka – Vujanovic, Braham

VFC Plauen: Hruby – Six, Hoffmann, Boden, Wendler – Paulick, Böhme, Schulze, Soltau, Schindler (85′ Hoßmang) – Zimmermann (82′ Marrack)

Score summary


On Friday last already, Magdeburg had their next match. Travelling to the 2006 FIFA World Cup venue in Leipzig, Magdeburg faced FC Sachsen Leipzig. This was a special match for a number of people. No less than four FC Magdeburg players have played for FC Sachsen before – Catalin Racanel, Christian Reimann, Mats Wejsfelt and Maximilian Watzka – and Magdeburg legend Dirk Heyne is now manager of Leipzig. Heyne was sacked in the winter of the past season after his Magdeburg team had slipped into the relegation zone.
Magdeburg’s manager Linz had reacted to the continuing bad performances of some players and replaced Dragusha with Matthias and Zander with Neumann. This necessitated some changes in positions. Bankert moved to the right side of the defense, to allow Neumann to work on the left side, and Racanel moved out to the left wing, allowing Matthias to take position in central midfield. Unluckily, however, Matthias was not able to get into the game and this led to Magdeburg’s midfield being unable to control the game. Worse was the fact that Racanel moved to the inside to compensate for Matthias‘ inability. In consequence, the left wing was largely orphaned and as the forwards, especially Braham, kept going backwards to the midfield to gain possession, an effective attacking game could not be played.
The fact that Magdeburg came away with three points from this match is largely due to Sachsen Leipzig sucking even harder than the Magdeburg squad. Virtually no organized play was visible whenever the hosts had the ball, and after seeing that, it is clear why the team have only scored three goals in 9 matches. Magdeburg’s goal came off a corner kick that Najeh Braham headed to Wejsfelt who had no difficulty scoring from 6 yards out. In the following minutes Magdeburg largely controlled the match, and whenever they slipped up, they could be sure that no harm would come off it, as Leipzig were totally inept in front of goal. This changed a little in the last 20 minutes, when Leipzig took more control, but their ineptitude continued. Thus Magdeburg ran out 1-0-winners, but the match was certainly not one of those that cause euphoria in fans.

FC Sachsen Leipzig: Lippmann – Balic, Baum (81′ Gerber), Köckeritz, Moritz – Hempel – Heinze, Garbuschewski, Rupf – T. Breitkopf (66′ Hönemann), N. Breitkopf

1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Neumann, Wejsfelt, Rosin, Bankert – Racanel, Gewelke, Matthias (82′ Dragusha), Watzka – Vujanovic (74′ Reimann), Braham (90′ Prest)

Score summary
31′ Wejsfelt 0-1



University classes have resumed, I’m job-hunting and don’t have a lot of time to blog…I do have time to attend matches, however.

Hamburger SV II – 1. FC Magdeburg
In a rather poor match, Magdeburg dominated the first half and accordingly took the lead. Keen defending and bad luck on the side of Hamburg sealed the second win of the season.

1. FC Magdeburg – Hertha BSC II
Magdeburg put Hertha under pressure from the start, and the one who felt it most was their goalie. Two mistakes by young Christopher Gäng and Magdeburg was up 2-0. The second half saw Magdeburg just trying to hang on to the result. As they did that successfully, Magdeburg won their first home game since March 2008.

Vfl Wolfsburg II – 1. FC Magdeburg
A double salvo in the 31st and 33rd sealed Wolfsburg’s fate, but a nicely executed counter-attack shortly after the halftime break put FCM under quite some pressure. They withstood however and celebrated the third win in a row in front of 2,400 travelling fans.

Germany U21 – France U21
The play-offs for U21 Euro 2009 saw this clash in Magdeburg’s stadium. This match had been used repeatedly to console the population after the controversial decision not to include the city in the 2011 Women’s World Cup. But the match did nothing in terms of compensation. An uninspired Germany team managed a 1-all draw against a French team who were much superior, but lacked finishing skill. The French must have gone home wondering how they managed not to win. 12,550 spectators were ready to support the team, but Germany just did nothing to warrant any support.

Blau-Weiß Gerwisch – Preußen Magdeburg
On the day after the rather disappointing play-off, I travelled to Gerwisch, 5 miles east of Magdeburg to see a fixture in the round of last 16 of the Saxony-Anhalt Cup. On what can only be called a dignified sports field the two teams played highly entertaining football. The underdogs, Gerwisch being a tier VII side and Preußen tier VI, took the lead off a rather non-controversial penalty, but Preußen equalised after thirty minutes with a strange ball. Unfortunately, Gerwisch’s keeper hurt his hand in the process and had to let in yet another goal before the break. In the second half, Preußen put on the pressure and increased their lead with a beautiful freekick that went in off the post. Gerwisch managed to pull one back almost immediately after wonderfully stringing some quick passes together on the right side. In the end, however, Preußen triumphed, eventually winning 4-2. A much more entertaining match than the night before, and for a tenth of the price…

Tomorrow, Magdeburg play VFC Plauen in an attempt to keep up with league leaders Babelsberg.

Von der Sowjetunion lernen…

…heißt siegen lernen. Das gilt offenbar auch für die Deutsche Telekom, denn wie sollte man sonst eine Informationspolitik erklären, die erst jetzt zugibt, dass im Jahr 2006 17 Millionen Datensätze von Kunden gestohlen wurden? Anlass des zerknirschten Auftritts des Telekomsprechers war offenbar ein Bericht des Nachrichtenmagazins Der Spiegel. Das erinnert doch schon sehr an die sprichwörtlich langsame Informationspolitik der UdSSR in Zeiten des Kalten Kriegs. Dort wurde auch, so geht zumindest das Klischee, nur zugegeben, was eh schon bekannt war, ob es um den Gesundheitszustand des Genossen Andropow oder um etwaige Störfälle in Atomanlagen ging.
Und was einem totalitären Regime recht ist, kann einer Firma, die kritische Journalisten bespitzelt, natürlich nur billig sein.