Monatsarchiv: August 2008

The pain goes on…

Last sunday, 1. FC Magdeburg had its first home game of the season. Hopes were high that a win would be possible for the first time since March. These hopes couldn’t be dampened by thefact that the opposition was none other than former German champion (1912) Holstein Kiel, a team against whom Magdeburg had a less than favorable record of 1-1-2, although none of the home games had been lost. The way the team had presented itself versus Hannover hadn’t been too convincing, but it seemed to be good enough to see of the challenge of Kiel who had lost their first match.
Unfortunately though, things aren’t always what they seem and so in what was an abysmal performance, Magdeburg lost in front of about 11,000 infuriated spectators by an admittedly unlucky goal. Over the entire game, Magdeburg probably generated about 3 or 4 great opportunities, but none of them were converted. Next sunday the club play in Babelsberg, but I’m not exactly holding my breath…

1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Bankert, Prest, Probst, Neumann – Rosin (61′ Reimann), Racanel (83′ Siga), Gewelke, Dragusha (59′ Watzka) – Vujanovic, Braham

Holstein Kiel: Frech – Boy, Jürgensen (74′ Brückner), Schyrba, Rohwer – Hummel, Vujcic (82′ Schulz), Lartey, Nouri – Wulff (72′ Guscinas), Hoffmann

Scoring summary
53′ Lartey 0-1


Aaaand we’re off

Last Saturday, the waiting period was finally over. More than two months after missing out on qualifying for the new 3rd Liga, 1. FC Magdeburg had their first competitive game. The mission for this season couldn’t be simpler: Come in first and win promotion. In order to achieve that, Paul Linz has brought in 11 new players, a number of whom have already played under him when he was manager of Eintracht Trier. Magdeburg have a completely new midfield, with Catalin Racanel, Mehmet Dragusha, Daniel Rosin and Maximilian Watzka having competed in Bundesliga 2. Essentially, everyone got the feeling that – Florian Müller aside – this new team was even better than the one Magdeburg had last season, despite now playing one tier lower.
Magdeburg’s first opposition were the reserve team of Bundesliga outfit Hannover 96. The reserves had had a rather good preseason, beating VfB Lübeck and Hessen Kassel and looking generally lively. In front of roughly 4,000 spectators in Hannover’s world cup venue AWD-arena, however, they were rather harmless. Magdeburg tried to get into the game by playing good combinations on both flanks, but didn’t manage to get a goal in, until the 38th minute, when Braham scored off a Racanel freekick. With just seconds on the clock, Braham missed an absolute sitter and the teams went into the dressing rooms with just one goal separating them.
For the second half, Hannover had lost one of their best midfielders to injury, first teamer Chavdar Yankov had to be subbed out just before half-time. The second half then saw Magdeburg controlling and dominating the game, but again the team had issues with converting their opportunities. In the 56th, however, Braham was fouled again, Racanel stepped up to the freekick – again – and scored. Magdeburg now led comfortably and didn’t do too much to increase their lead.
Overall, a deserved victory for Magdeburg in a match against an opponent whose only opportunity at scoring came after one of goalkeeper Christian Beer’s traditional mistakes. He left his goal to try and catch a corner kick, but missed. Still a decent start into the league and the first three points on the way to winning the title, hopefully.
mdr has a match report here.

Hannover 96 II: Jensen – Balogun, Ibelherr, Hofmann, Rausch – Hahne, Bikmaz, Herrmann, Yankov (44′ Moslehe) – Proschwitz (78′ Büchler), Ghasemi-Nobakht (78′ Lindner)
1. FC Magdeburg: Beer – Neumann, Bankert, Prest, Probst – Rosin (66′ Watzka) – Gewelke, Racanel, Dragusha (79′ Matthias) – Vujanovic (73′ Reimann), Braham
Scoring summary:
40′ Braham 0-1
56′ Racanel 0-2
4,000 (~3,700 from Magdeburg)