Monatsarchiv: August 2007

Where have you gone, Dynamo Dresden?

To answer my own question – home without points and goal.
Like in March, 1. FC Magdeburg won 1-0 against Dynamo. This time around, Lindemann scored from a 30-yd free kick.
The rest of the game was horrible as ever, zero improvement over the Cottbus match in the week before.

4′ Lindemann 1-0

Attendance: 16,527

In other news, our U19 lost their first Bundesliga match 0-4 in Wolfsburg, while our reserves (now officially a U23 team) won their away game at Staßfurt 1-0.

That was…

different. And not in a good way. While just a couple of days ago FC Magdeburg had proven what they are capable of in the match against Dortmund, they proved yesterday what they cannot do. Win against Energie Cottbus‘ reserve, that is.
Regarding the performance of the team yesterday, there is but one word to describe it: Abysmal. In a very bad game with a very bad referee team (thank you, Felix Zwayer, Andre Stolzenburg and Inka Müller) Magdeburg were lucky to go in front from a Lindemann freekick that Energie’s goalie couldn’t stop for some reason, but Energie equalised with just 20 seconds remaining on the clock.
The best players in Magdeburg’s team were again Florian Müller and Dennis Tornieporth, worst today were again Kallnik (still our team captain, probably why he keeps on play) and Beer. Also Gerster wasn’t doing great, always ready to stop the flow of the game…
Anyway, here are the facts:

1. FC Magdeburg 1-1 Energie Cottbus
58′ Lindemann 1-0
90′ Hensel         1-1

Attendance: 9,200

It was a good fight

but alas, it was not enough. In the past years, Magdeburg had usually gone out on penalties, against Duisburg in 2003 and last year against Paderborn. This time, we didn’t even get that far. But we were better.
In front of a sell-out crowd Magdeburg lost 1-4 to Bundesliga side Dortmund today – but the result doesn’t represent the match very well, as is often the case.
Magdeburg lost today, because of some very avoidable mistakes in the defense, and somehow team captain Mario Kallnik was involved in all of them…

I’m not at all saying Mr Kallnik is a bad player. It’s just become apparent over time (starting here, I think) that he is too slow and cannot organise the defense as well as necessary in order to withstand Regionalliga offenses. Unsurpisingly that was true of his abilities to organise the defense against a Bundesliga offense.

After 30 minutes, Magdeburg was 0-2 down, thanks in large part to Mr Kallnik’s blunders. Luckilx, our new forward Eric Agyemang (whose name supposedly means „savior of the nation“ in Twi, a dialect of Akan, in Ghana) managed to score, so that Magdeburg went into the half-time break only one goal down.
At the beginning of the second half, it was again Agyemang, but his shot only hit the post – and apparently he was offside, just like the Smolarek on the 0-1. Ah well.
Following that opportunity, there were quite a number of moments when Magdeburg could have levelled the score, but it didn’t happen. Bad luck, lacking confidence…I don’t know. And then the usual happened: If you don’t score, your opponents will convert their chances. But even after Dortmund pulled further ahead to make it 1-3 in the 75th, Magdeburg didn’t give up. Florian Müller and Dennis Tornieporth, both of whom certainly made a good game, created a number of chances, but in the end, it was Dortmund who scored again, putting the final score at 1-4.

Nevertheless, the team’s performance was such that it alleviates my fear of the new season a little bit. On Wednesday at 7.30 pm, 1. FC Magdeburg will have another go at winning a competitive match, this time in the Regionalliga and against the reserve team of Energie Cottbus.

  4′ Ebi Smolarek       0-1
30′ Diego Klimowicz  0-2
43′ Eric Agyemang    1-2
75′ Mladen Petric      1-3
90′ Diego Klimowicz  1-4

Attendance: 25,230

And here’s what the ARD had to say: